Help Samuel & Crystal’s Happily Ever After

Samuel and Crystal were tossed out of their house as kittens. Living in the yard for months with no one feeding them. Someone contacted BFF about them and with some teamwork got them off the street and into a foster home. Sweet cats, but very shy, frightened and starving.

Samuel, the male, became very ill. Vomiting blood. His foster mom brought him to our vet where it was advised because he was so sick he should be admitted to a hospital because she feared he would not make it if sent home. Foster mom brought him to hospital and poor Samuel had to spend the night and with X-rays, ultrasound, and all that goes with a hospital stay cost BFF over $1,700.00.

Samuel is now back with his sister in foster care and doing better. He is on a few different meds and improving. Both cats still need to be spayed and neutered. We are told Crystal has already had one litter of kittens.

Boston’s Forgotten Felines is a very small rescue with limited resources. Please support BFF and help us raise the funds for Samuel. We look forward to the day when he is healthy enough to go up for adoption with his sister Crystal. We want them to have their happily ever after … won’t you help us give that to them? You can donate to their care here!